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Rule #: 2-110
Filed on: 28 September 2019
Effective: 28 September 2019

Unless otherwise specified in tariffs making reference hereto, the following articles of property will not be accepted for transportation nor as premiums accompanying other articles.

  1. Ammunition, small arms and high explosive shells.
  2. Animals, live, domestic or wild (including pets) or ostriches.
  3. Bank bills, coin or currency; deed, drafts, notes or valuable papers of any kind; jewelry; postage stamps or letters and packets of letters with or without postage stamps affixed; precious metals or articles manufactured there from; precious stones; revenue stamps; or other articles of extraordinary value.
  4. Corpses or cremated remains.
  5. Decorations, viz: bushes, Christmas trees, plants or trees, natural, preserved.
  6. Eggs, viz: Hatching.
  7. Fireworks of any description.
  8. Freight transported in bulk (Not packaged).
  9. Fruit or Vegetables, viz: fresh.
  10. Meats, fresh; poultry or rabbits, dressed.
  11. Nursery stock.
  12. Poultry or pigeons, live (including birds, chickens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys, and any other fowl.
  13. Livestock.
  14. Except as otherwise provided herein or in tariffs making reference hereto, articles tendered for transportation will be refused for shipment unless in such condition and so prepared for shipment as to render transportation reasonably safe and practicable. Provisions for the shipment of articles not enclosed in containers does not obligate the carrier to accept an article so offered for transportation when enclosure in a container is reasonably necessary for protection and safe transportation.
  15. Carrier, except as provided in tariffs making reference hereto, will not accept for transportation articles which, because of their length, weight or bulk cannot in carrier's judgment be safely stowed wholly within the trailer or containers dimensions.
  16. Except as provided in tariffs making reference hereto, shipments requiring temperature control.
  17. Shipments containing cargo likely to contaminate or injure other cargo, including green salted hides.